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1164 Chris Reidy - Lachlan Reidy Vermont Cricket ClubF Grade4 1 Heatherdale
2162 Jason Retchford - Stuart Robertson Vermont Cricket ClubD Division - Veterans3 1 Deakin
3128 Jonathon Mummery - Cooper Taylor Vermont Cricket ClubUnder 16 Sat A Grade - Ron Hennessey Shield1 1 Mitcham Yellow
4114 Thomas Ryan - John Middenway Vermont Cricket ClubC Grade4 1 Yarraleen
573 Brad Cullen - Marshall Bunting Vermont Cricket ClubRay McIntosh Shield2 1 Kerrimuir United
667 Harry Begley - Ty Grix Vermont Cricket ClubUnder 14 Fri A Grade4 1 Kerrimuir United
795 David Patterson - Craig Gislingham Vermont Cricket ClubE Grade13 1 Vermont South
867 Marshall Bunting - Adam Hunt Vermont Cricket ClubRay McIntosh Shield4 1 Blackburn North
9111 Chris Bell - Lachlan Harding Vermont Cricket ClubDorothy McIntosh Shield11 1 Glen Waverley Hawks
1040 Joseph Fisher - Nicholas Hancock Vermont Cricket ClubDorothy McIntosh Shield5 1 Forest Hill

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