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1131 Max Walsh - Miles Heydon Vermont Cricket ClubFast 9's (Stage 2) Sunday - Gold5 1 Heathmont White
2119 Lachlan Jose - Lucas Vassis Vermont Cricket ClubB Grade1 1 Templestowe
3162 Bradd Taylor - Jack Morrison Vermont Cricket ClubRay McIntosh Shield5 1 Blackburn
4100 Craig Gislingham - Jordan Wright Vermont Cricket ClubDorothy McIntosh Shield6 1 St Davids
5109 Callum Reid - William Hastings Vermont Cricket ClubRay McIntosh Shield1 1 Box Hill North Super Kings
642 Adam Hunt - Matthew Sevior Vermont Cricket ClubDorothy McIntosh Shield1 1 Nunawading
642 Oliver Rogers - James Whitchurch Vermont Cricket ClubC Grade3 1 Kerrimuir United
790 Zak Stone - Lachlan Cooper Vermont Cricket ClubB Grade2 1 Nunawading
849 Samuel Stewart - James Currie Vermont Cricket ClubC Grade4 1 Park Orchards
962 James Currie - Trent Touhy Vermont Cricket ClubC Grade4 1 Park Orchards

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