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1151 Duncan Jones - Jonathon Mummery Vermont Cricket ClubC Grade3 1 Mitcham
2106 William Hastings - Daniel Ryan Vermont Cricket ClubRay McIntosh Shield1 1 Blackburn North
3113 Benjamin Gibson - Luke McComb Vermont Cricket ClubRay McIntosh Shield2 1 East Burwood
464 Jason Retchford - paul taylor Vermont Cricket ClubG Grade5 1 Burwood District
542 Tyson Hyams - Luke Strachan Vermont Cricket ClubDorothy McIntosh Shield5 1 Park Orchards
635 henry mcnally - Kobe Gelsi Vermont Cricket ClubC Grade1 1 St Davids
754 Henry Smith - Lachlan Reidy Vermont Cricket ClubF Grade3 1 Blackburn South
754 Kalan Parker - Dylan Slinn Vermont Cricket ClubUnder 16 Sat B Grade6 1 Mitcham
8110 Jason Mealings - Thomas Ryan Vermont Cricket ClubC Grade6 1 Blackburn
937 Felix Chung - Joshua Nicholas Vermont Cricket ClubUnder 16 Sat B Grade6 1 Mitcham

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